Bearings Lost (2016)


As the new lineup is established, we put together our new sound in a high-level production studio based in Clearwater, FL at Cleartracks Studio.


Even in my worst of times I still find my peace of mind Accredited with firm regard I see the world as you’ve taught Though I’ve tripped up then And again I’ve been The long pity of sin Turning wish to stone Defying all of my bones Did I ever really change at all?

Suddenly your stars Subtly your stars Start to cave

Beguiled fingers They’ll seize anything in sight The storm lingers And the dark takes the light Such a horrid son Fooling everyone With those deplorable traits Time and time on through Ample opportune Unknowing I would only betray

Suddenly your stars Subtly your stars Start to cave

Reputation low The discourse is shaming in full My vice is what you’re mistaking me for Oh addiction takes its toll So I keep pushing these battles Down through the dungeon Stained, chained, and bludgeoned Long live compunction

Suddenly your stars Subtly your stars Start to cave



Who paints your eyes to match your mood dear Reminiscent blush of times but now uncertain Your leading honesty a wish that I could only mimic A little ending stay The silence is more than I can handle Too soon to say if all I’ve done is written Surely your soul will find a place assigned and all forgotten Oh that’ll be the day

And it’s a awful right season

Time heals her wounds with soft abandon Rippling along the wrinkles finally set in I’ll pass away of pain a heart that sees no silver lining Too far beyond to break

And it’s a awful right season


Still before I was surely under duress Embattled by suicide you come in to res- cue me out of this desolation You put my fear in the fire

Oh love anywhere you go

And as we carry on You’re a sizable stain Bleeding on the run And every part of the frame This portrait was in isolation You see these shadows of mine

Oh love anywhere you go

Etching away at the surface You’ll find that there’s much more beneath I didn’t even deserve this But you were patient with me Carving through the cracks you found There’s something there Oh I see it This little sketch is finally breathing

Oh love anywhere you go



Carry me out to the corner Refuse for the coming day Fallen seeds in North Dakota Far from any simple state Back to the gates I can’t relate These little hands are pacing I see the doors My feed implores Let me in

You feel in life you’ve got your orders Survival dependent on them You cater to the brick and mortar You gotta get out of your skin Take risks for love Please more than above You’re spinning on a planet Reach further than Your expectance This one life Demands it

Fallin’ You never know the answer certainly Stolen You can hold the ransom Afraid I’m free

A Settling of Sorts (2014)


Months of recording, garnered from years of writing and performing, brought about what is our debut album. Early on, as is the case with most things, music was simply an avocation. ‘Twas something to do to further strengthen the bonds with one another and to pass along the little time we have living. Over the initial weeks, the chords struck and notes resonated began to forge deeper than the surface intent. This album represents the devotion to a craft, the loyalty of friends, the relevance each life possesses to another. We all share a unique experience of consciousness, love, and fear. Music transmits those inscrutable feelings. These are ours.


Take away everything I own

Join the chase to find it all

Embark upon a quest of freedom

Dismiss my ghosts ’cause I won’t need them

Strapped to the walls as a mouse at home

A decoration like a garden gnome

We all blend in and become the same

Lions in a circus

We are tamed

You waste your life in a world so frozen

Your mind’s asleep and your heart is dozin’

A wake up call is never too late

After all, you alone, control your fate

Don’t mind the words of the fearful ones

No regrets just take the plunge

You’re an empty canvas without a frame

Lions in a circus

We are tamed

To belong to nowhere

I wanna learn what’s out there

Catch the world on its heels unprepared

Happiness is only real

When it’s shared


When you’re on this side of hunger

The cravings come and your head it wonders

Will I eat tonight or starve for hours

It seems a beast that I can’t devour


Built from stone with a gate that’s closing

Your castle walls can be so foreboding

Breach the guard to collect what’s mine

An appetite of a man who’s dying


Where I feast my eyes

Is where I feast my heart


It’s just part of my nature

To feel this way

If you think you’re in danger

You know you’ll be okay


A taste of you is all I need

I come bearing gifts of ecstasy

Feel it brush against the fragile air

It’s the rush that claims and leaves you bare


Where I feast my eyes

Is where I feast my heart


With your scent you string me along

I can’t help this hunger’s just too strong


It’s just part of my nature

To feel this way

If you think you’re in danger

You know you’ll be okay


If there’s one thing I know

That there’s one thing I need

It’s in you

Some get away to flee their fears

Some pass the time with toasts and cheers

We all seem to want the same thing

We all have it in common

Some shy away from an open flame

Some don’t know from where they came

We all dream that we can be kings

We all have it in common

Your colors never cease to amaze

Life’s one giant learning phase

When you find that you still need to grow

I’m camped out in your garden

Be a part of something greater

See the world through a glass elevator

If you think that this is the final road

I’m camped out in your garden

Let us be what this world needs (x4)


Scratched up and bruised and I’m feeling kinda used I just got the news today

My baby fled she left me for dead never said to where she headed away

There was no reason for such a treason our season ended in cold

After all we’ve built you have no guilt you’ll steal and kill some more

It wouldn’t have mattered all that much except I told her that I was in love

It breaks a man in two to go through what you do to me

I don’t know where you took my love

Lo and behold my heart you steamrolled when you flattened and folded away

Go run along I’ll try to be strong you’re wrong in Hong Kong or LA

I thought we had a little something unlike anything I’ve ever seen before

But you’re a thief and a magician and a gypsy in addition I won’t go as far to call you a whore

No, I don’t know

I don’t know where you took my love

I’ve been looking in the kitchen through all the broken dishes

I’ve been sitting in the attic turning into a fanatic

Searching through the closet to find what caused it

Never any answer I’m about to lose control

I don’t know where you took my love


Break me up into little pieces

So I can slip away

I can slip away

I don’t need to give you my reasons

Wanna escape

I wanna escape

If Atlantis can hide well then so can I

Won’t be invisible just in disguise

I hope you never find me

I hope you never do

‘Cause you got this power and I’ll be through

You hold me down

You hold me down

Now I can’t breathe

No I can’t breathe

Wave a flag a tired windy signal

Recognize pain do you recognize pain

Clawing out the hole’s getting bigger

I can see day the light of day

Get off get off get off


I hardly see you anymore

You run in and out the door

Your eyes trained on your shoelace

That’s dragging on the floor

The words you say to me are few

From the looks I won’t get through

Behind the eyes of your new face

That you’re carrying with you

I don’t think there’s any worth

In all the lies you have birthed

You must get tired of keeping up with

Fantasies you assert

It’s okay I’ve heard it all before

You’ve been cast away into the night

Sparring with the dark you hold inside

Never let it die let it build up high

It shall ever be reminding in your eyes

I reach out a hand for help

But you deny and say you’re well

How do I get you to notice

You’re surrounded by yourself

It’s no business but your own

If you wish to be alone

Just say the word and I will vanish

Leave you dying in your throne

Come down I see you in the distance

Come down right now

Come now take hold of your existence


You stumbled in

You lost your footing

Now you’re crumbling

I never thought you wouldn’t

Your waking body

needs a little time

You say there’s a lot he

has done to your mind

a weeping wall

is what you think I am

Free for all

your worries and your damned

What the fuck am I here for

just to be your crutch

go see a shrink and

fix your problems with drugs

I’m sick of your ramblings

and carrying on

you never listen the first time

now your love is gone

You made a vow

it’d never happen again

but two weeks down

and you’re tapping in


isn’t one of your strengths

your so defiant

when it comes to change

Maybe one day

not very far off

you’ll find a way

to cure your heart’s cough

When you tell me all your problems

and you tell me all your secrets

Yeah you say that they don’t love you

yet you still go and repeat it

I’m sick of being the shoulder that you lean on and cry

I just don’t understand why you can’t say goodbye

I hope you know you can do better

believe you me I’m just so fed up


Here we are the chosen ones they say

But I don’t feel that way

Just send ’em along

Just send ’em along

Your breath’s hung up in a heaving spell

The tortured times I’ve gathered from intel

I’ll never be your show horse

I’ll never be your grand stallion

Commands are given but choice remains

A flawless fort or endless green terrain

I am more than a piston

In your pursuit of perfection

You criticize me for taking charge

I’m not the one who stands at large

You say that I’m invincible

But I won’t follow your principles

Before you tell me what I become

By law it’s only rule of thumb

Breaking out of this fitting

Finally if only for a minute

Here we are the chosen ones they say

But I don’t feel that way

The serpent slithers and sheds its skin

A constant effort made to benefit

These corridors that I’ve waked now are slowly fading

Free of the days when all was done


In this sea the waves they crash too sudden

Energies are wasted on the muddled

I can’t be sure what is real

Give me control of this wheel

Bravery’s a stranger to the story

Disbelief is cunning gunning for me

These tides are unpredictable

The size alone is critical

It comes and goes and always knows

the way into my mind

From the hull the ship looks like it’s sinking

Can’t evolve or am I overthinking

I’d rather be the last one alive than

Going down with this Poseidon

Rails are slick they’re oiled up in persuasion

Fog is thick the absence of a station

I’m headed into a void

Will I float or am I paranoid

It comes and goes and always knows

the way into my mind


Won’t let you bring me down

With your words or actions

My only reaction is

Fuel to the fire

Part of the reason that I

Don’t get irritated

‘Cause I’m concentrated on

Proving you a liar

How many days have you spent

Peering through my window

Summers and winters

What seems to be the problem

Over the years I’ve found

I’m your sick obsession

Well here’s a suggestion

Get yourself a hobby

Deep within me I know

That despite your low blows

I’ll make it to the show

And you’ll be

Ya, you’re speechless

Ya, you’re speechless

You never thought that I

Would reach this

I’ll never let you be

My weakness

Now you see that I’m

Living my dream

If you would only listen

To words of wisdom

Ignore your list of

Grudges to uphold

You may notice a difference

In thoughts and behavior

I’m trying to save ya

From falling in the fold

Cordially I invite you

To drop your weapon

And learn a lesson

From the life you’re enrolled in

Who’s gonna care for you

When all you do

Is place hexes and brew

Trouble in your cauldron

Deep within me I know

That despite your low blows

I’ll make it to the show

And you’ll be

Ya, you’re speechless

Ya, you’re speechless

You never thought that I

Would reach this

I’ll never let you be

My weakness

Now you see that I’m

Living my dream